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NYE Party Hats

Where I'm from, New Year's is usually spent with family, but this year my entire brood will be away at a wedding I refused to go to (seriously, who gets married on New Year's Eve?!). Since I'm flying solo, and 2016 has been, well.... 2016, I decided to throw a party for all my friends who are family-less that night.

I started researching party hats online and found that they were SO expensive, so I decided to make my own. They are fairly easy to make, customization and totally cute!

Here's what you'll need:

Hot Glue Gun

Gold Metallic Spray Paint

Gold Glitter Spray Paint

Black Card stock

Any Birthday Party Hats

Scissors (I've had the ones I used since elementary school! :D)

Sequins ribbon

Metallic Ribbon

Chalk or Chalk Marker

Black Yarn





1. Place a skewer inside your party hat and hold it facing away from you. Find an outdoor space with plenty of ventilation and spray paint the entire hat while spinning the skewer so that you can cover the entire previous design. Remove skewer from hat by pushing the top (don't worry if paint smudges a bit as you will be covering the top Set each hat out to dry individually until they are dry at the touch.

2. After your hats dry, repeat same process with glitter spray paint. Set each hat out to dry individually until completely dry at the touch (touch the top to test it so you don't smudge the paint).

3. While your hats dry, trace circles with the cap of one of your spray paint bottles on the card stock. I recommend using a pencil so that the line is visible and can be erased later if needed. Cut the circles out and set aside.

4. Wrap yarn tightly around your fork around 20 times. Using the middle of the fork, insert a small yarn piece and tie it around the wound yarn. Remove yarn from fork and cut the edges on each side so that the yarn forms a ball, forming a pop-pom.

5. Once your hats are dry, using your hot glue gun, glue a pom-pom to the top of each hat, and a line of sequin ribbon to the entire bottom edge of the hat (it's good to start gluing at the seam of the hat so that the ribbon's seam aligns with it).

6. Glue the card stock circle to the front center of the hat using your hot glue gun. Hold while it dries so it doesn't slip down.

The next step is up to you! If your guests are the creative type, leave the circles blank and have chalk or chalk markers next to the hats so that they can write our their names, resolutions, or whatever they want. You can also write in the new year's number yourself if you think that your guests aren't up to the task.

Voilá! Your hats are done. They are quick to make and the greatest thing is that they aren't exclusive to NYE. If you want to make them for xmas, birthdays, graduations, etc., just change up the color scheme!

BEWARE: My fingers remained gold for a couple of days from the spray paint. If you want to avoid this, use gloves. Otherwise, any kind of oil (baby, coconut, olive, etc.) helps take the paint off.

Enjoy making the hats and have a happy, fun and safe New Year's Eve!



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